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Matthew McClure – ambassador update June 18

Matthew McClure Advance Performance Ambassador   Matthew McClure is a SKINS ambassador through Advance Performance and has been a triathlete for 6 years, also competing in time trial racing. Matt’s latest update… I had a triathlon on Sunday 3 June at Tallington Lakes and won the event. It was a great race, well organised and


Conquering Khövsgöl Nuur

Our Ambassador, Darren Grigas, updates us on his latest adventure Darren went to Outer Mongolia to tackle 100 miles on a frozen lake – Khövsgöl Nuur. What follows are his own words, with photographs and video. A few years ago, the idea of running 100 miles across a giant frozen lake in one of the


HIIT – Training for runners

What is HIIT? How does this type of training transfer to running At Advance Performance when we carry out a gait analysis for a customer, part of our process involves asking the customer for details of other activities that they are currently doing. Increasingly, the reply to this question has included the term ‘HIIT Training’,


Running shoe lacing – 4 ways to tie your shoes

Running shoe lacing – 4 ways to tie your shoes Lacing techniques that can help if your running shoe feels a bit too tight because of a wide forefoot or you have a high instep, also if your heel is slipping, or if you suffer with black toenails. The photographs illustrate each lacing technique to help