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NEW Peterborough beginners running course

RunBetter Beginners Running Course Date: Monday 6 January 2020 Time: 6pm Cost: £25.00 Peterborough Store Have you ever wanted to run but thought that it just wasn’t for you or maybe you think that you’d love to begin running but don’t know where to start? Then run4fun is the course for you! The course consists of 8


Peterborough Marathon Training Plans

Download one of our training plans for Peterborough Marathon We’ve put together two training plans for Peterborough Marathon that work around our own Advance Performance Track Sessions at the Embankment Track and local races. Our plans have been devised for intermediate and experienced/advanced runners. Typically an intermediate runner would be someone moving up from half


10 tips for increased flexibility

RunBetter – increased flexibility Increased flexibility and range of motion is great for you, it has been proven to improve balance, strength, injury prevention, posture and lessen pain. Top 10 tips for increased flexibility: Stretch for longer Holding a Stretch for around 10 seconds is not enough, try holding for 45 seconds or more, it


Marathon Training

Training for your Marathon Whether it’s your first or your 50th marathon the one thing you have in common with the other group of runners is that you know you have to put in your marathon training in order to complete the race. The type of training you carry out depends on your current level of