Foam Rolling – Calf Muscles


Foam Rolling – Calf Muscles

Foam Rolling Calf Muscles (Medial and Lateral Gastrocnemius)

To start, roll down the centre of the calf muscles from just above the achilles tendon to just below the knee, head back to the ‘feedback’ point and hold in place.

You can rotate the leg outwards to a 45 degree angle to roll the outside of the calf (Lateral Gastrocnemius) or alternatively roll the leg the opposite direction to roll the inside (Medial Gastrocnemius).

The peroneals that travel down the outside of the lower leg can get tight and should also be given some attention, in fact if they are too tight they can inhibit the Tibialis Anterior, the muscle that is responsible for holding the arch of the foot in a good position (as opposed to a flattened ‘dropped’ position).


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