Foam Rolling – Pectorials

Foam Rolling Pectorals (Pec Major)


Ball – Pectorals

An economical upright running stance is only possible if the shoulders aren’t hunched forwards, runners can be susceptible to rounded shoulders due to the repetitive nature of the arm swing in front of the body in conjunction with poor postural positions throughout the day. When combined with the ever increasing fatigue levels that can set into the upper back musculature it can, over time, lead to shortened chest muscles and shoulders that are pulled forwards by those muscles.

Lay on your front with your arms out to each side. Place a tennis/hockey ball on the floor underneath the chest near to the shoulder (but on the chest side of the joint). Turn your head away from the side that is on top of the ball and lay it on the ground. Feel for knots in the chest muscles and move the ball accordingly and put pressure on them for thirty seconds.


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