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In-store RunBetter Video Gait Analysis the NEW way

RunBetter Gait Analysis


Using our RunBetter Gait Analysis, we’ll fit you with shoes that suit the way you run, increase your comfort and minimise your risk of injury.

A runner’s first essential item is a correctly fitting pair of shoes to suit their personal style, biomechanics and foot movement.

We pride ourselves on offering the most effective and thorough service available – there’s gait analysis and there’s Advance Performance RunBetter Gait Analysis.

We stock a huge range of the best running shoes available – no gimmicks, just shoes that will make a positive difference to your running style and comfort.

We believe that our RunBetter 1:2:1 Video Gait Analysis is the best way of choosing your running shoes. Here’s why…

What is RunBetter Gait Analysis?

During our FREE Six-point Advance RunBetter Shoe Prescription & Professional Fitting Service, you will be assessed by one of our highly trained RunBetter Consultants, who will be able to identify the most suitable shoes for you.

1. Injury history assessment – We take into account your whole running history including injuries and our RunBetter service incorporates advice on how to solve injuries.

2. Shoe history – We spend time discussing your previous shoes and keep all your purchases on our records to build up and fine tune each time you visit

3. Running style assessment – Our RunBetter gait analysis includes much more than just looking at your feet. We take into account details that from head to foot, the enable us to ensure we are both thorough and holistic, noticing even small details to help make your running easier.

4. Shoe Technical Knowledge – Our highly experienced team understand all the technologies and materials within each shoe and how these can be used to prescribe the best shoe for you to avoid injury and improve comfort.

5. Video gait analysis – Our in-store team comprises of sports scientists, biomechanics experts, sports therapists, running coaches and even ultra-marathon runners. Their extensive knowledge and experience will be used to look at your whole running style to match you with the best shoe for you.

6. Comfort (test run) – Not only will you be able to try on a huge range of shoes during your assessment, you will also run on the treadmill and have a test run outside before making your choice.

The 45-60 minute process is designed to help you reduce the risk of injury and ensure optimum comfort. Our team of RunBetter Consultants include biomechanics experts, sports scientists and sports therapists as well as seasoned distance runners and coaches.

They will explore your running style, biomechanics, injury history, running experience and aspirations. Assessing the technical features of each shoe before prescribing the most suitable shoes for you; seeing how they perform under video assessment.

You will have the opportunity to try many shoes on the treadmill and outside before making your choice. You will not need to run for more than 30 secs at a time on the treadmill.

All part of the famous Advance Performance service!

What should I wear for a RunBetter Gait Analysis? (allow up to 1 hour)

  • We suggest you bring some old shoes with you (good or bad) that will help us a bit more
  • Please come to the store wearing something comfortable to run in for your gait analysis** (it’s helpful if we can see your knees whilst running)
  • Ladies, don’t forget your sports bra

Not looking for gait analysis?

Our webstore is for those that do not require our in-store service and support, and are looking for competitive prices.

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How do I get your RunBetter Gait Analysis

With social distancing restrictions we’ve implemented an appointment system that enables us to better manage customer numbers in-store.

Find out more about Social Distancing In-store

You can …

  • Book online – book and pay for your gait analysis appointment, ensuring you have our full attention for the 1-2-1 session and minimising waiting times. A booking deposit applies, refundable against your shoe purchase.
  • Walk into store – you can still receive our RunBetter Gait Analysis without an appointment. But if we’re busy you may need to wait. Booking is advisable at weekends when we’re usually busy.


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* Please note that the Gait Analysis booking deposit is refundable against the purchase of running shoes.