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Using video gait analysis we’ll fit you with shoes that suit the way you run, increase your comfort and minimise your risk of injury.

A runner’s first essential item is a correctly fitting pair of shoes to suit their personal style, biomechanics and foot movement.

We pride ourselves on offering the most effective and thorough service available – there’s a gait analysis and there’s an Advance Performance Gait Analysis.

We stock a huge range of the best running shoes available – no gimmicks, just shoes that will make a positive difference to your running style and comfort.

From June 2020, we will introduce a bookable appointment system for gait analysis.

Gait Analysis the NEW way, means better value and flexibility for everyone.

You can now book and pay for your gait analysis appointment online.

Or, if you need top-up additional pairs, or know which shoes you want, you can either buy at our incredible online prices, or pop in-store and still receive great value.

Shoes for the way you run!

RunBetter gait analysis

We believe that our 1:2:1 Video Gait Analysis is the best way of choosing running shoes.

Trained team

All of our staff are trained to take many different variables into account to find the ideal shoe for you, including what we see when we look at your feet while standing and when you run on our in-store treadmill. We will also take into account your build, where you run and how far you run.

With over seventy different shoes to choose from, and eight+ brands, we can offer you a wide choice of suitable options and weather permitting you can then try them outside. Basically we will spend as long as it takes with you to find the right running shoe for you, to help minimise your risk of injury.

How to book your gait analysis

With new social distancing restrictions we’ve implemented an appointment system that enables us to better manage customer numbers in-store.
Find out more about Social Distancing In-store

Book an appointment online for our 1-2-1 Video Gait Analysis (allow 1 hour)

  • We suggest you bring some old shoes with you (good or bad) that will help us a bit more
  • Please come to the store wearing something suitable to run in for your gait analysis** (it’s helpful if we can see your knees whilst running)
  • Ladies, don’t forget your sports bra

** at reopening date, our changing rooms will be closed pending further government advice


Book Gait Analysis Cambridge

Book Gait Analysis Peterborough

Social Distancing In-store

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* Please note that the Gait Analysis fee is no longer included in the price of the shoes, however if you purchase shoes during your Gait Analysis session you will be offered them at our incredible Online Click & Collect prices.