Piriformis Stretch – Runners essential stretches

Not sure what to stretch or if you’re doing it right?

We’ve put together some essential runners stretches, with explanations as to why you should use them and technique.

Piriformis Stretch

Piriformis Stretch


Why Stretch?
Mobility of the hips in running is of paramount importance. Running with a tight piriformis also puts extra strain on the inside and outside of your knee joint, making the outside too tight and the inside weak, which creates an unstable joint. A tight piriformis can also cause sciatica like pain down the leg.


Sit on a seat and place one foot and ankle on the top of your opposite leg, this leg is now horizontal/approaching horizontal. Sit bolt upright and maintain a neutral spine as you gently hing forwards at the hip, the temptation will be to start rounding the mid part of your back to reach further forwards. Resist this and keep you head and chest up, only go as far forwards as your flexibility will allow. You should feel the stretch in the back of the hip of the top leg.

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