Artilect – Goldhill 125 Zoned Crew

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Colour: Super Red/ Dusk Blue

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This is the critical next-to-skin foundation that starts thermoregulating your world. Powered by Nuyarn merino fabric, Artilect Systems–1 creates a direct interface between skin and the system. Superior to any base layer available in the market, engineered merino creates a next-to-skin microclimate with unparalleled performance for moving sweat vapor away from the skin while maintaining maximum thermal efficiency. It provides superior stretch, recovery and durability that far exceeds other options, along with the natural odour-resistance merino is famous for. Never underestimate the importance of your underwear, and don’t compromise, ever.

5x Faster Drying Time
35% More Loft (Less weight)
35% More Stretch
53% Less Wind Permeable
50% More Durable
30% Less Raw Materials



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