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Engineered to enable athletes of all levels to exceed every expectation, Polar Vantage V2 is a powerful convergence of minimalist design and innovative technology – built on decades of scientific research to create our most formidable sportswatch to date.

Every aspect of this watch has been designed with one particular person in mind – the athlete.

Optical Heart Rate Technology
The hardest working muscle in your body.
When you breathe, your lungs take in oxygen, and that oxygen goes into your blood stream. Your heart then pumps all of that oxygenated blood to every muscle in your body. Your muscles need oxygen in order to work. The heart is the engine that keeps your body going.

Ultra-long battery life Up to 100h with power-save options

Waterproof Up to 100m

Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Track every step
Made for performance without compromising on quality. The stylish, lightweight aluminum unibody also acts as an antenna signal booster for the built-in GPS.
Assisted-GPS for faster fix times: supporting GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS satellite systems so you can train with the best positioning experience anywhere in the world.

Training Load Pro™
Just a reminder: don’t overdo it.
Know if you’re training too much, too little or just right: improve your performance, prevent injury.

Recover like a Pro
See when your body has recovered and ready for more training with personalised feedback and suggestions. Requires a Polar Heart Rate Chest Strap (H9 or H10)

Count your calories right
Learn which energy sources were consumed during the workout; carbs, proteins or fats?

Wrist-Based Running Power
Harness your power.
Realise the power you generate with every step; measured in watts, directly from your wrist, instantly.

Leg Recovery Test
Are your legs ready?
See how your leg muscles have recovered from training with this quick and simple test.

How did you sleep?
Automatically track the quality, duration, and time spent in each stage of sleep.

Training Tests
Take your training further.
Maximise your training and recovery with Polar Training Tests. Access all the data you need to check the condition of your body, calculate your performance, track your progress and personalise your training zones.

Turn-by-turn guidance
Sync your routes to your watch for real-time, turn-by-turn guidance as you move.

Altimeter See your barometric altitude.
Coordinates See your exact location.
Compass See the direction you’re heading in.
Weather See the weather conditions.
Daylight Times See the sunrise, sunset, and twilight times.
Music Controls Play the music you love.
Push Notifications Get calendar, email and message alerts on your watch.


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