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RunBetter with Advance Performance


From the day Advance Performance moved into its first ever store in 1999, set up its treadmills and introduced video gait analysis, the aim has always been to provide total athlete care …


RunBetter services are temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19 social distancing. They will be back as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Now with addition of the brand new RunBetter solutions at Peterborough and Cambridge, the stores have taken another huge step towards achieving just that.

Samantha Hale, Managing Director, said: “Our fully qualified team at Advance Performance are experienced and passionate runners and they’re here to help all our customers to be their personal best.

“RunBetter can solve and prevent injuries, get runners fitter and faster whatever their age, running experience or ability. We know we can make a real difference in helping runners achieve their goals.”

There’s still Advance Performance famous video Gait Analysis and Shoe Prescription, along with the FREE Shoe MOT no obligation check of your current shoes.

But now the team can offer RunBetter Running Analysis, Functional Movement Screening, Corrective Exercise Sessions, Running Repairs practical initial advice, plus Sports Massage.

For the ladies a Sports Bra Fitting service, Complete Beginners 0-5K running courses, Group Beginners Running Workshops and 1:21 Beginners Running Workshops.

If you’re preparing for a race then there’s even a Big Run Prep Plan, providing personal, race-specific advice on training, clothing, nutrition, injuries and more.

RunBetter with Advance Performance – much more than just a sports store