Running Kitbag Essentials

Running Kitbag Essentials

Running is a pretty straightforward sport and needs very little in the way of specialist kit.

Our Running Kitbag Essentials puts together six must haves to get you started.

There are performance and comfort benefits in buying the right gear, so you can spend more on technical clothing and gadgets for example.

But if you’re unsure or on a budget, then these should set you on the right road without breaking the bank.

Running shoes

Injury and misery can come to you early without the right running shoes.

OK, so you think we would say that. But we’ve seen thousands of runners through our door in over 20 years, and many arrive in pain and struggling because they are not in the right running shoes. So we believe they really are a must have first piece of running kit you should buy.

With our help, they will be a fantastic investment in your running future, check out our men’s and women’s running shoes in our webstore.

Comfortable clothing

Anything you’re comfortable to run in is fine to get started.

You can buy technical clothing, with fast drying, moisture-wicking capabilities that will provide more comfort, especially in warm weather.

Technical shorts, running tights, tops and socks will wick the perspiration away from your skin. They’re won’t be clingy like wet cotton, or chafe your skin.

Mens Clothing  Womens Clothing

Sports Bra

Ladies, a good supportive, high impact sports bra is as important as your running shoes.

Vital to reduce unwanted and uncomfortable movement of the bust.

Sports Bras

Running Belt or Waist Pack

When you leave the house, you need somewhere to stow everything, even if it’s only your phone and a house key. If you don’t have suitable pockets in your clothing, then a running belt or waist pack are ideal.


Running App

To help you become the running you want to be, with no running clubs or beginners groups available, the Couch-to-5k app is great.

The programme will get you from zero to hero in just 9 weeks and it’s all FREE!