Social Distancing in-store

Social distancing procedures in-store for customers

We serve you safely

If you’re visiting our stores, please be aware of the procedures we have in place to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.

Procedure for customers trying on running shoes, browsing or purchasing clothes

Please also see our separate procedure for the use of the treadmill for gait analysis

1.    Social distancing of at least one metre to be maintained where possible.

2.    All customers are expected to wear their own face covering, and use hand sanitising gel provided by the company on entering the store. The company reserves the right to refuse entry to customers who do not wear a face covering.

3.    The customer will be expected to wear their own socks when trying on any of our shoes.

4.    After staff have assessed the customer’s preference for shoe type the customer will be presented with an appropriate shoe which will be left on an area of floor for the customer to pick up themselves maintaining social distance of at least 1 metre.

5.    The customer will then try on the shoe and secure all fastenings and the staff member will offer advice on how to do this for best support to the foot.

6.    The customer will be advised on the characteristics of the shoe and the staff member will offer advice on how to gauge good fit  by self-testing (i.e. by pressing the tip of the shoe, by asking the customer to stand and then to walk in the shoe to gauge comfort and suitability).

7.    When the customer removes the shoe he/she will be asked to return it to the floor and place it to one side.  Where the customer tries other shoes the above procedure is repeated.

8.    Our returns policy remains the same and all goods returned will be quarantined for an appropriate period.

9.    The customer will then be invited to pay for the shoes and advised that card payments are preferred.  The staff member will put the shoes into a box/bag and key in the appropriate payment into the payment machine.  The staff member will then invite the customer to use the payment machine to key in their passcode.  A Perspex screen has been installed by the payment machine for the protection of both staff and customers.

10.  For cash payments please use the same sequence in procedure but clearly without use of the payment machine.  Staff will ask the customer to place their cash onto the payment counter to avoid hand contact.

11.  After successful completion of the payment transaction, the staff member will place the payment receipt into the shoe box and the customer will be invited to take their purchase from the payment area.

12.  The same payment procedure will be used for the purchase of clothes.

13.  Please seek assistance from a member of staff when you wish to have better sight of any item of clothing.

14.  Customers are able to try on items of our clothing in advance of purchase and our changing room is sanitised by a staff member after each use.

15.  The staff member will then wash their hands with soap and water after attending to each customer.

Procedure for use of treadmill for gait analysis

1.    Please try to maintain social distancing of at least 1 metre when using the treadmill.

2.    Staff must use a sanitising wipe on all treadmill controls, including the handlebars, prior to the customer using the treadmill.  The same treadmill allocated to the customer will be used throughout the gait analysis process which may be used multiple times.

3.    Prior to the customer mounting the treadmill a member of staff will explain how to support themselves with the handlebars, where the customer can use the ‘Emergency Stop’ button if needed and what to expect when the treadmill is started.

4.    A face mask and eye protection will be used by the staff member during this procedure.  The customer must wear a face mask (and not just a face covering) for the procedure which will be provided by the company.

5.    A member of staff must remain with the customer during use of the treadmill maintaining at least 1 metre social distance whenever possible and monitor the customer’s gait during use.

6.    When leaving the treadmill to try on a different pair of shoes please follow the separate procedure written for this.

7.    When the gait analysis has been completed and the customer dismounts the treadmill the customer should be asked to return to the seating area whilst the treadmill controls and handlebars are again cleansed by the staff member.  The customer must not remove his face mask.

8.    The staff member should also at this point in the procedure sanitise the video camera near the treadmill.

9.    The staff member should then wash their hands and wrists with soap and water on completion of the gait analysis and then return to their customer.

10.  On leaving the store the customer may remove his/her face mask and discard this in the bin positioned by the entrance/exit door.