Soleus Stretch – Runners essential stretches

Not sure what to stretch or if you’re doing it right?

We’ve put together some essential runners stretches, with explanations as to why you should use them and technique.

Soleus Stretch

Soleus Stretch


Why Stretch?
The soleus is one of the calf muscles, as well as transferring power down through the foot into the floor it is responsible for relaxing and providing the ankle with flexion following foot strike. A tight calf muscle can prohibit this flexion resulting in a loss of power and leg extension and increased load through the arch of the foot and achilles tendon. Too much load through the achilles tendon can lead to damage of the collagen fibres and result in a long time away from running.


Feet apart, both feet pointing straight ahead (not turned out), both feet flat on the ground, head and chest up, bend both knees, pull your toes up towards your shin on the back foot. Stretch should be felt in the lower portion of the lower leg.

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