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Summer Running Tips

Summer Running Tips

Tips to help you run safely in warm weather

With longer days and better weather luring us into the great outdoors, there are lots of runners of all abilities out there enjoying the benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

Some will tell you that’s it’s the best ever start to a summer’s day!

It is advisable to build up your tolerance for running in warmer conditions, starting out with lower mileage and building up gradually. You may wish to run in the morning or late evening when the humidity is at its lowest.

Drink adequate fluid 30 – 45 minutes before exercise and then a cupful every 10 – 15 minutes while exercising. After exercise drink more fluid than you think you need.  Sports drinks are a good bet too for longer distances and times (over 60-90 minutes).

If you feel yourself overheating use some of the water you’re carrying to help cool your body down.

The right clothing will also keep you cooler and more comfortable, wicking the moisture away from your body and helping to prevent painful chaffing.  Mesh inserts also allow air to circulate and help to keep garments lightweight.

It’s always advisable to wear sunscreen and if you have problems with it running into your eyes, wear a hat or visor and apply the sunscreen to just the lower part of your face.

We have everything in-store that you need to run safely this summer, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete. Not only do we have fantastic products, but also award-winning help and advice, enabling you to achieve your optimum running performance.

Summer Running Tips

  • Use sunscreen to prevent sunburn to your skin
  • Wear sunglasses, hat or visor to protect your eyes and head from bright sunlight
  • Try to wear synthetic fibre socks which will help to evaporate moisture away from your skin and prevent blisters
  • Wear light-weight or moisture wicking shorts and t-shirts to allow for evaporation of moisture, see our men’s and women’s clothing in-store or online
  • Stay well hydrated and carry water or sports drink with you in a bottle, vest or pack.

If you need help or advice, you’re always welcome to ask in-store. Our experienced team are here to help.