Ten Marathon Mistakes

Ten Marathon Mistakes and what to do about them

You’ve logged the miles, put in the effort but on the day it doesn’t go to plan. We’ve listed ten marathon mistakes and what you can do to fix them. Make those wrongs, positively right.


Wrong training

Tailor it to your event. For example:

– training on the flat for a hilly race, include some high intensity hill work
– training on the road for a race with off-road sections, or trail.
– ty to do 65 per cent of your training on the same terrain as your race


Wrong thinking

Run the mile you’re in, don’t over-think it

– if you know the course you and think too far ahead, psyching yourself out
– prep your mind too, stay focused in the moment, trust your training


Wrong timing

Not allowing yourself enough time to travel

– a long trip and not enough rest can affect performance
– if you’re flying it can take 24 hours+ to recover from the swelling and dehydration that comes from a pressurised plane cabin
– on race day arrive in plenty of time to collect what you need and allow for the queue for the loo, which at big races can be long


Wrong fuelling

Not sticking to your plan

– practice your fuelling strategy in training and stick to it
– don’t be distracted by other runners, or race-side bands


Wrong clothing

This could be a case of ‘The Wrong Trousers!’ Check the weather forecast and dress as if it’s 10 degrees warmer

– lots of people are happy to run in the rain without a jacket, but it can get cold on the start line, so take on old t-shirt or bin bag that you can leave behind
– worried about temperature changes? Wear a lightweight long sleeve top you can tie around your waist, but ensure your race number is still visible
– if its sunny wear a visor, cap or sun glasses, whatever you’ve trained in
– DO NOT wear new clothing or shoes to a race


Wrong/too much food

Eating too much, or something new the night before the race

– don’t go mad on the all you can eat buffet, your carb loading needs to be done the week before the race, not the night before
– don’t be tempted by foods you’ve not tried before, otherwise you could fall fowl of runners trots
– stick with food that’s fairly bland that you know your stomach with tolerate on race day


Wrong speed

Going out too fast at the start

– it’s all too easy to get pulled along by the runners around you at the start, don’t be tempted
– stick with your training plan, hold back, settle and you’re more likely to finish strong
– race starts can be crowded, don’t worry if you finish the first mile down on your goal pace, you’ve plenty of time to make it up
– run a race that’s even effort rather than even time splits


Wrong post-race plan

If you’re in a popular race, the finish area can take time to traverse

– don’t expect to see your friends and family at the finish line
– recce an agreed meeting place that’s walkable and write the directions on the back of your race number, just in case your post-race brain fails you
– get your friends and family to carry something eye-catching like a balloon to help you find them


Wrong mind-set

Try to remember it should be fun

– if you’re taking part in a race with lots of other people, try to soak up the atmosphere
– take in the view too, especially if it’s scenic, have some fun, after all that effort, you deserve it


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