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Vibram FiveFingers

Vibram FiveFingers

We’re happy to announce that we are now a Vibram FiveFingers stockist.

Vibram FiveFingers are available at our stores in Peterborough and Cambridge and to buy online at our webstore.

Our range includes the V-Run, V-Trail and V-Alpha.

If you’re not already familiar with Vibram, we’ve listed some features to help you decide which would suit your needs.
There’s more info on each shoe online, or pop in for a chat and try them out.


Featuring a soft, perforated upper to maximize breathability, this model is very comfortable. This is an ideal running shoe for those making the transition from traditional footwear to a more minimalist approach.


The V-Trail 2.0 offers the latest and greatest features to conquer trails with ease, including both lamination around the toes to prevent seam splitting and improved upper material which is more water repellent than the previous version.


The V-Alpha is the essential outdoor minimal training tool, it’s not run specific. It offers a protective tool for the foot which allows ground sensory perception, performance and dexterity.


A few things to consider when you are transitioning into minimalist shoes to maximize your experience through training.

Be patient and build gradually

It can take several months to a year to make the transition into Vibram FiveFingers. If you are experiencing soreness or discomfort allow your body to rest! Transition for some, it is a matter of weeks, for others months, and for a few, it could be a year or more. Much is dependent on your foot type, the activities you’re using Vibram FiveFingers for, and the amount of pronation you experience.

Do not exclusively use Vibram FiveFingers at first

Start with casual use and light training. Go barefoot whenever possible. Add Vibram FiveFingers to your rotation of current training shoes.

Strengthen your feet

With easy exercises and methods, you can perform at home. This will strengthen the 40+ muscles in your feet as they’re adapting to being barefoot – or in Vibram FiveFingers – more frequently. Vibram’s two-week Strength Training Program can be a good start.

Do not over-stride

This means landing with your foot too far out in front of your hips. Over-striding while forefoot or midfoot striking requires you to point your toe more than necessary, which may cause stress on your feet. Try focusing on contacting the ground with your feet beneath your hips. This is similar to the way one’s feet land when jump roping or walking in place.

Land lightly

Not sure if you’re landing correctly? Try running totally barefoot on a hard, smooth surface that is free of debris. Sensory feedback will quickly tell you if you are landing too hard. Try to make as little noise as possible when you land.

Avoid heel-striking while running or jumping

If you just can’t seem to get the feel for landing on your midfoot, try the following: Walk backward, leaning slightly forward. Then try to do it faster, making sure there are no obstacles in your way.

  • Run or jog uphill. It is less likely to heel strike first
  • Jump on two feet and notice how you land.