10 tips for increased flexibility

RunBetter – increased flexibility

Increased flexibility and range of motion is great for you, it has been proven to improve balance, strength, injury prevention, posture and lessen pain.

RunBetter - increased flexibility

Top 10 tips for increased flexibility:

  1. Stretch for longer
    Holding a Stretch for around 10 seconds is not enough, try holding for 45 seconds or more, it will feel better!
  2. Progress the stretch
    Many of us start stretching then back off after a few seconds. To increase your range of movement you have to continue to very gently push throughout the stretch.
  3. Try Stretching the opposite muscles too
    If you are looking to improve a muscle group, make sure you take time to stretch the muscles on the other side of your leg, so for instance, if your quads are tight, release the hamstrings too.
  4. Use tools and equipment
    Foam rollers and bands are incredibly good at helping you stretch, a friend can help (sometimes they can!), Gym Ball, Benches, Wall whatever you have close by can assist get a greater stretch.
  5. Consistency
    To improve your flexibility you need to spend a few minutes every day maintaining or improving your flexibility. It will not happen overnight so keep at it.
  6. Breathe
    Holding your breath for 1-2 minutes is not a great option so keep Breathing whilst you stretch, try a gentle push when you exhale.
  7. Use a scale of 1 to OUCH!
    Ideally try not to reach ouch stage, we should find a stretch and increase the intensity to a Level 5 so a comfortable yet you can feel it working level and then hold, breathe, progress.
  8. Dynamic stretching
    Try doing dynamic stretches before exercise as a warm up, the more you stretch before the session the better, it will help prepare the muscles for what is about to come.
  9. Stretch at home
    It is less effort to just do your stretching at home, no one around to watch or judge, just think how flexible you are becoming.
  10. Do the research
    Some stretches might not be best suited for your body. Seek professional help from us at Advance Performance and drop by the store anytime for advice on which stretches are for you.