Meet our Running Shoe Guru

Need advice on replacing your running shoes?

Now you can call or email our Running Shoe Guru for help

Running Shoe Guru
Matt Parker the Advance Performance Running Shoe Guru

During social distancing we’re unable give you in-store gait analysis, but we’re reaching out to customers who might be in need of running shoe advice and sharing with you the Advance Performance Running Shoe Guru.

Some of you may have met company director and shoe buyer Matt Parker when you’ve visited us.

He has almost unparalleled experience and expertise and can talk technical about all things ‘running shoe’ and will, given the slightest opportunity.

Now our Shoe Guru can talk ‘pronation to the nation’ or rather, just you, if you need advice.

He carefully selects the running shoes that Advance Performance sell, every new style and version is researched before it goes into store stock. Ensuring we have the best and most appropriate trainers for our customers’ needs.

In more than 20 years, Matt has built up a fantastic sum of knowledge about running shoes and oodles of experience in gait analysis.

You’re still running safely and so are we!

So if you need new running trainers or are experiencing problems, get in touch.

Remember there’s also Internet Price Matching and delivery on our running shoes!


Call Matt on 07766 810055 or use our form to send him an email