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More choice at Advance Performance – With the new Social Distancing restrictions, we would like to give you the choice of getting your shoes from us at great prices without the need to have Gait Analysis. So, we have separated out the cost of the service, giving you the choice.

Great value In-store – You can now come in store and check out all of our shoes at great prices and you will be able to view and try all styles and brands.
By removing the cost of the Gait Analysis from our in-store pricing, you have the benefit of trying on our shoes whilst enjoying a significant reduction in price.
No appointment is required although our Social Distancing regulations will limit the number of people in-store at any point in time.

Incredible value On-line – If you know what shoe you want and do not need to try them on, or you would like a second or third pair of the same shoe, you can order online or click and collect at an incredible online price.

Cambridge Gait Analysis

The Advance Performance Video Gait Analysis – Our professional Video Gait Analysis is an interactive process designed to assess your biomechanics, foot movement and running history to identify the shoes that suit the way you run, increase comfort and minimise your risk of injury.
The process will involve you testing many pairs of shoes, several short runs on the treadmill and will last approximately 45 minutes.

  • Appointment required
  • Fee £25.00 (no purchase required) *

*Please note that the Gait Analysis fee is no longer included in the price of the shoes, however if you purchase shoes during your Gait Analysis session you will be offered them at our incredible Click & Collect prices.

If you have a Gait Analysis voucher please email to arrange your booking.

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