Guidance for AP Club Advocates

The key objective for the AP Club Advocate is to update AP on all Club activities and events they wish AP to promote, through our monthly Newsletter (Circa 25,00 local runners) and social media as well as communicating the benefits of the AP Club Partnership Programme to the members of the Club, keeping the messages fresh and current and strengthening the relationship between AP and your Club.

To become an AP Advocate for your Club, please email

This is most likely to be achieved successfully by the use of the Club’s own Social Media platforms and the Clubs internal email list.

AP will provide the Club Advocates with regular updates and information to be circulated to the Clubs. This is likely to be once or twice a month.

Naturally, the Club Advocates will be well looked after by AP.

We will provide you with the social media content that is suitable to share with your Club that is both informative and fun. We will not be providing any material that is solely focused on increasing sales. It will totally be at your discretion whether you post and circulate the media so it is in our interest to make it compelling and interesting.

The types of content covered will be:
~ Your new Club Code (Required by the members to accumulate the points)
~ How the Club Points Programme works
~ Social Run details
~ Details of new RunBetter Seminars and classes
~ Latest shoe technology etc.
~ Upcoming Events (including promoting your own Club’s race)

Club Code

Each Participating Club will be provided with its own unique Club code to share with its members. The Club code will need to be supplied at the till to allocate the Club points to the Club.

AP Contacts for Club Advocates

Registering your Club: Martin Jennings:
Club Codes: Adrian Searle:
Newsletter Content: Jenny Mogford:

Participating Clubs

Fenland Running Club
Werrington Joggers
Hunts AC